Bad Human Behavior

Human behavior is becoming more overtly rude, careless, and even physically violent and this has become far more evident during the COVID outbreak. The reason most commonly given for these anti-social sometimes violent behaviors vacillate from stress caused by isolation to people drinking more and increased drug use again due to isolation. Another factor given as a reason for this is that people with mental health issues are cut off from their mental health caregivers due to COVID restrictions. The cut-off from mental health caregivers I believe is a very plausible factor. That being said, I believe that there is more to this behavioral anomaly than COVID isolation. Some of the symptoms noted during a COVID infection were anxiety and depression and in a small number of cases, first-time psychosis was reported.

I recently read an article that hinted at the possible connection between a viral infection and mental health issues. I have watched members of my family struggle with delusional angry thoughts and behaviors not associated with dementia and I wonder if there is a common thread like an undiagnosed virus or contamination from the environment that is triggering this behavior/thought issue.

Conspiracy theories aside, the angry outlook and divisive behaviors I am seeing in society make little sense without some cause or trigger. Many times conversations I have had with some of my more conservative acquaintances leave me feeling like I am trying to negotiate with a 3-year-old. Simple logic and readily available facts are meaningless. Cause and effect has lost its relavence. History is meaningless. Divisive untruths are gospel to many people right now. It almost seems like a form of mass hysteria. I am saddened by this. No matter how many times people get aggressive and loud the untruths are still not true.

I wonder if this illogical behavior and societal narcissism has some other cause other than ignorance supported by social media and spewed from the mouths of autocrats.

A virus, some contamination in the food chain or environment? I can only hope. These plausible causes could be fixable. In the 70’s this type of thinking and social behavior were attributed to poor education and a general lack of information. We now have easy access to more knowledge than in any other time in history and yet the issue is getting worse. I grieve for humanity.