Our Approach

My Philosophy

99% of the things in life that really matter can not be bought. I have had money and I have been homeless. At 53 I would like to believe that I have figured a few things out about having a good life. It is my hope that by sharing education "the college of hard knocks" has given me, some else can learn from my experiences and maybe not have to go through the negative experiences I have gone through.

I try to live my life with love and respect for humanity, animals and the planet. When I leave this world I want to do everything in my power to have it be in better shape than when I was born into it. I am a big believer stewardship. I want my legacy to be my children happy, healthy and well adjusted, the land I am responsible for as unpolluted as possible and maybe even some of my beliefs passed on to future generation s.

Our Story

The beginning of Auntie Philosophy

I have long dreamed of writing a book containing all my philosophies on life and my particular blend of old and new life skills that I think will help to achieve self-actualisation. My Vanessa one day said "Aunt Julie, sometimes you come across a little bossy sometimes but I know it is because you are trying help" At that moment I realised that I could write a blog and post a vblog to share my philosophies and life skills with more people and maybe quit harping on the kids.